The Great Debate

During each election year, Americans are hearing a great deal of talk about crucial policy issues by candidates for public office. To enhance and expand that discussion, St. Petersburg College presented its own competitive forum for debating these issues: The Great Debate. The St. Petersburg College Great Debate is a multi-campus competition that offers students an opportunity to engage in debate about crucial topical issues. Previous Great Debates have tackled topics like the minimum wage, kneeling for the National Anthem, immigration and free college tuition.


Besides being a great out-of-classroom learning opportunity, The Great Debate, now in its fourth year, is an opportunity for friendly campus rivalry among students. Faculty are encouraged to attend and recommend that students attend to cheer on their campus representatives. The debate competition is sponsored by the Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions, and implemented by recruitment and coaching teams on each of the four campuses.

2017 | The Great Debate Final Competition

2018 | The Great Debate Final Competition

2019 | The Great Debate Final Competition