Florida Civic Advance

    The Florida Civic Advance (FCA) is a membership organization whose mission is to advance and improve civic life in Florida’s communities and increase citizen engagement and equity in making their communities work and prosper. Its members do this by working together across sectors to build connections, convene civic leaders, institutions and organizations and promote inclusion, share innovations in civic excellence and vital features of civic life.  Consistent with its mission, the FCA will continue to maintain a non-partisan approach to civic advance and civic engagement.

    The FCA network serves as a catalyst for civic excellence and best practices and supports the documentation of civic knowledge. The FCA convenes civic leaders to provide a showcase for demonstrating and documenting civic innovations and support for the replication of successes in key civic practice areas through its Statewide (2019, 2017, 2015) and Local Summits (One Table, Miami 2016) and through FCA Workgroups focusing on eight (8) civic practice areas including:


    1. Facilitating citizen engagement with local government to solve community problems; 
    2. Promoting citizen engagement in voting and voter education; 
    3. Connecting generations in community service and civic engagement;
    4. Building inclusive neighborhoods and communities and creating opportunities to equitably promote civic advance;
    5. Supporting civic education to develop the next generation of engaged citizens; 
    6. Strengthening the nonprofit sector’s capacity in community civic advance; 
    7. Enhancing the business sector’s participation in civic advance in communities; and
    8. Connecting volunteering and philanthropy to positively impact civic advance in communities.